Classic Signature

Inspired in the kitchen of one of South Carolina’s most adventurous cooks, Glenn Brooks, CEO of Classic Signature Foods, Inc. credits his mom, Mary Belle, for his love of flavors and smells. She was always trying something new with recipes, changing the ingredients, or adding new seasonings. The Low Country region of South Carolina, Loris and Myrtle Beach area, has a tradition of rich flavorful foods, such as Shrimp, Chicken Bog, She-Crab soup. A palate trained in such diverse flavors, Glenn was a natural in the food industry.

After a stint in the Air Force, Glenn Brooks moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He became a co-founder of Eastern Foods (Naturally Fresh), in 1967. Glenn’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to form his own company that directly competed with others as well as his former company. This was the creation of a family owned establishment known as Classic Signature Foods, Inc. In the early 1990’s the company found itself serving Classic Signature to First Class International flights through Delta Airlines. Classic Signature has been producing “Quality Dressings and Sauces with a Classic Taste Since 1988”.


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